Hello & Welcome! Thanks for visiting the website of Edinburgh, Scotland's Awesomest Tattoo Studio! Brought to you by Jeff "JFK" Kohl, an American born, World Renowned & Award Winning Tattoo Artist, with over 40 years tattoo experience!

His career began at the tender age of 7 years old, after accidentally jabbing his arm with a pencil, leaving a blue dot. Fast forward a decade when his art, which included fanzines, underground punk & metal zines, logos,T-shirt designs, album covers & flyers for various local bands in his home town of Lincoln Nebraska, led him to an apprenticeship with the only real tattooer in town, a local legend, Ralph Spangler, of Hungry Eye Tattoo.

After a stint learning his craft from this master of traditional tattooing, Jeff took his kit and hit the road, embarking on a 30 year journey of honing his tattoo craft with laser like precision. Along the way he has lived and worked in some of the worlds most amazing, iconic, and tattoo oriented cities, including  Amsterdam, New York, London, Berlin, Philadelphia, Manchester, Minneapolis, St.Paul, Detroit, and many more. Jeff has worked alongside & been tattooed by hundreds of the worlds best tattoo artists.

JFK has attended countless tattoo conventions, including The Mad Hatters Tea Party, Dunstable, Amsterdam, & New York to name a few, acquiring the knowledge & techniques to be amongst the worlds best, and receiving many awards for his work along the way. 

He has been featured in practically every tattoo magazine ever published & has also appeared in books, newspapers, and on TV as one of the worlds leading authorities on tattooing.

In 2001, his first son, John, was born in Philadelphia. Looking to open his first shop, Jeff now nicknamed "JFK" (the F stands for fun) relocated his small family to Charlotte, NC & opened his first shop, Old Glory Tattoo. In 2004, daughter Jena was born and after visiting Scotland, the home of JFK's first wife, he decided to sell the shop, and relocate to Edinburgh. Jeff opened Studio XIII Gallery, an upmarket, custom oriented tattoo shop & art gallery in the heart of Edinburgh's old town, along the Royal Mile. This shop grew from strength to strength, steered by its captain, JFK, for over 10 years, at which point it began to grow stale and the wanderlust kicked in to start a new project, this shop he called Hotter than Hell Tattoo!!! Named after a song from one of his favourite bands KISS, JFK sought to incorporate his love of rock & roll, the fun & excitement of live gigs, with his love of tattooing, to bring YOU the ULTIMATE ROCK & ROLL TATTOO EXPERIENCE. So when you wanna have fun, when you wanna grab the gusto & live life to the fullest, when you wanna break free from the crowd, when you are ready to spread your wings & fly & be the best you you can be, when you're ready to treat yourself & be treated like the star you are, when you're ready for the "NEXT LEVEL" tattoo experience, come see us at Hotter than Hell Tattoo! We guarantee to rock your world! Go to hell, today!!!!